Christine Scott



Christine Scott is one of the fortunate few for whom work is their greatest pleasure.

She has lived in West Horsley, Surrey for 27 years and before that she saw the world as a stewardess for British Airways but now she lives a less hectic life, dog walking, reading, doing the cryptic crossword and going to the cinema. For most of the time, however, she is happily absorbed in her work; needing only paper, paints and adequate daylight to paint for hours. She is totally “at home” with watercolours.

Although she always won the art prize at school, she stuck to drawing for many years, having been introduced to watercolour painting when materials were of poor quality and the paint ruined the careful drawing she had made. It was not until some years later that, by chance, she ‘discovered’ watercolour as the perfect outlet for her creative talent.

Christine also does portraits of childrens' favourite toys

Through contact with the Horsley Society of Arts she went on a painting holiday in Somerset and was soon painting in every spare moment. The first painting she did was a ‘thank you’ to a friend. She did a painting of her friend’s house and enjoyed doing it so much that she did a painting of the King William IV pub which, in turn, impressed the landlord so much that he wanted to buy it from her. Needing something for the Horsley Arts Society exhibition, she was unable to sell it to him, but agreed that he could have it if it remained unsold by the end of the two-day exhibition. Despite putting what she considered a “huge” price on it, she did sell it and has never looked back since. Nowadays, her principal subject is people’s houses although she is happy to turn her hand to anything. Her substantial portfolio of ‘public buildings’ includes churches, schools and pubs and other local scenes.

She works increasingly from photographs, which she has taken herself in order to avoid being boiled in summer and frozen in winter. She reckons it takes about a week to complete a painting.

...and her tools

She does not sell through galleries or shops but does display at half a dozen local craft fairs a year, displaying prints and house portraits and thereby getting new commissions. One family asked her to paint five separate homes, including a flat in Paris, a house near Cobham and a mansion in the USA. Obviously she works from client supplier photos for the overseas commissions. Christine feels that she is extremely fortunate to have a talent that is fulfilling as well as a source of income.

(Thanks to Daphne Padfield and Horsley CPS for this text)

”You have an amazing talent and have captured our home in a way that no photo could ever do. It's so lovely and so real.” - Maura and Bill Gartland